Puppy Lead Training Tips

If your puppy is not used to a lead, here are some helpful tips that will allow you to train your pet to walk on a lead and stay under control.

 First off, you should introduce the lead to your puppy so he can get accustomed to wearing it before you try to take him outside for a walk. You should gently take the lead and show it to your pet. You must not sneak up on your puppy or play with him while you are putting it on. It is very important that you should stay calm and assertive while you are attaching the lead around your pet’s neck.

If your puppy resists, you should stay calm and try to attach it again without being frustrated. Expect that your puppy will feed off of your energy. Avoid being frustrated or anxious because it will not help you and it can possibly make your dog react in a negative way.

 You should allow your puppy wear the lead around the house even if you are not holding onto the lead, so that your puppy has a chance to get used to wearing his lead. You can do this for a day or two or until you see your pet feels comfortable wearing it. You should always monitor your puppy while he is wearing his lead to prevent the occurrence of accidental injury.

 You may start walking your pet to the front door and try to use some commands such as sit or wait until you allow him to go outside. Doing so will help your puppy understand that you are the one who is in control. As a pet owner, you should be committed and determined. Remember that the process will not be accomplished in one day or overnight. It will take a week or two of practicing this skill before your puppy is confident on his lead.